Oxford gig

The Oxford gig last night was just incredible! It was organised by the student indie music society, so there were many people there who hadn't seen the band before. I think they made a lot of new fans, judging by the enthusiastic audience response.

I was right at the front with about half a dozen of my friends - all singing along, dancing, and grinning like absolute loons. It was my second time seeing the band, after going down to London for the album launch, and I was proudly wearing my 'Too schooled for cool' T-shirt (until I got far too hot from dancing). But it was the first time for most of the others. We had a fantastic time! My ears are still ringing slightly, my head hurts, and my throat is hoarse from singing and cheering, but it was so worth it...

I was particularly happy to hear 'Our daughters will never be free', as I don't think that was played at the album gig. It's a favourite among my feminist friends, and it was epic live - Julia standing up to play it, and giving it her all.

I have slowly been converting even more people on my friends list. Three of these new fans came along to the gig last night, and another has purchased T-shirts from the website. I've also been pimping the band out on an indie music LJ comm, and had a lot of positive feedback. Fear not, band, if you're lurking - I haven't uploaded the album, just some favourite songs!

If there's anyone here who hasn't seen them play, I suggest you move heaven and earth to do so. The album just doesn't capture how powerful and energetic (and loud) they are live! And, if you'll forgive a brief diversion into shallowness, they're all really hot too :)
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It can be found in these places, as well as all good record shops:​b/​?ctx=280;-1;-1;-1&sku=6705​53​uk/home.jsp?ArtistName=The​%20Indelicates​b/​?ctx=280;-1;-1;-1&sku=6705​50



WE HAVE EVERYTHING! From 30's melodee, to Mik Map Rap, to Sped up Darkness, to VERY WEIRD POETRY READINGS in Slough, to even Weirder Wizard Rock ANTHEMZZZZZZZZZ!! and UPDATES THROUGHOUT THE WEEK, so KEEP CHECKING BACK... there are more remixes on their way...

ahem, enjoy, if you want to,

Keep well,

The Indelicates x"

Got mine in virgin, which was ace :)
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From the myspace and indelicates forum:

" Hello :)

The latest single from The Indelicates "JULIA, WE DON'T LIVE IN THE 60S" is out on
MONDAY, and you can order from HMV and from RECORDSTORE. See the BLOG on the MYSPACE
for more info, or go to FOPP or HMV or WHEREVER ELSE they are selling it, and get it
for very little. There are less cd's than records so if you want a cd instead order
from the recordstore place, i think. It'll be on ITUNES pretty much at the same time
as well, so do that if you want.


Instead of having a single launch party we thought it would be funny, and better, to
invite as many Remixes, Covers, Videos, Bathroom choirs etc of THE LATEST SINGLE
("JULIA, WE DON'T LIVE IN THE 60S"), to be ready for putting on the site next week.
Some will go up the day the single is released, which is monday, and throughout the
week we will be adding various 'versions' of THE SINGLE re-hashed by various people.
We have quite a few working on it this weekend, and rumour has it Wizard rock
sensation The Band Who Must Not Be Named are putting together a death rock version
for the site... Which is always a pleasure and we can always expect something
exciting from the Windowslaws lot...


Find the lyrics here:

Listen to the song, in a live way, here:

For people wanting to remix, ask me, and i'll try and send you anything i can in the
way of separate vox tracks and instrumentation. Feel free to do any style/ genre/
remix/ melody change (that's for me. I've done lots of melody changes...The Grunge
version is very very funny. It;s basically one note ALL THE WAY THROUGH ) that you
wish. For videos, please make sure the format can be sent via email, or uploaded via
yousendit or mega or whatever you use...

Please provide links to yourself/ band/ websites/ myspaces/ facebooks, so people can
look you up, or not


SUBMISSIONS: send anything to

Any ARTWORK you would like to submit with your VERSION of "Julia, We Don't Live In
The 60's", or any ARTWORK that you'd like to do for the page featuring all the
VERSIONS on the site, please feel free to make, and send to the same email. For
extra photos to manipulate/ play with/ re-hash go to these places:

and google search anything else, there's a fair bit, or just email the gmail your

And have fun

JI xx"
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The Indelicates: NEWS

From THE INDELICATES myspace/ blog:

"This is what we've been up to/ are going to be up to, so far, and in the next few months of 2007.

THIS WEEK we are recording two tracks with Brian O'Shaunessy. They will both be SINGLES. They will come out on WEEKENDER RECORDS, the first should be out around MAY of this year.

NEXT WEEK we will be recording NEW SONGS for the B-SIDES of the SINGLES.

FOLLOWING this we will be making VIDEOS for the SINGLES. There MAY be a need for EXTRAS for the videos, but we'll sort that nearer.


- at THE WINDMILL on the 6th APRIL Adie's WORLD DOMINATION LEAGUE. Bands include: kid carpet + tim ten yen + the indelicates + the moths! + story one + tiny masters of today + open mouth + 4 or 5 magicians + more tbc. IT COSTS: £5 in advance, £6 on the door: IT IS the long bad friday all-dayer. FREE BBQ.

- at NAMBUCCA on the 21st APRIL with Bottle Rocket, Eighth Rule, Joe Rybicki. Headline. Lovers Need Lawyers promotions.

- at KATO in BERLIN on the 26th APRIL, part of BRITISH MUSIC WEEK (BMW) with Fury of the headteachers + the decorations. Ticket information once i get it, but if you're flying out now is a good time i think to buy tickets (spring ones tend to be cheap, i think).

- at NAMBUCCA on the 19TH MAY for BLOODY AWFUL POETRY night. with Friends Of The Bride and Jubb and The Dirty Sleeves.

- at CAMDEN BAR MONSTA on the 26th MAY. Nicky Biscuit supports.

NEW ART, RECORDINGS, MP3'S, BATHROOM CHOIRS, PHOTOS, AND so on, to follow in the next month.

Sorry we've been quiet, it's been a stupidly busy start to the year.

If i've left anything out, i'll add it PRESENTLY.


Julia Ind. xx"
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