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Vain. Insignificant.

The Indelicates
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Welcome to the LiveJournal community for The Indelicates!

"Neo-Brecht/Weill theatricality? Check. Profane razor strop wit? Check. Irreverent misantrhropy? Check. Scathing socio-cultural critiques? Check. Acid sweet indiepop songcraft? Check. Meet the first Great band of 2006, the fabulously unfashionable, unfashionably fabulous Indelicates..." - RollingStone.com

Vehemently anti-low brow, The Indelicates are one of the few bands around that are still trying to raise the bar of the contemporary music scene. Their own style combines the best traditions of tuneful indie sensibility with insightful lyric writing. Their songs are witty, fiercely intelligent, and musically superbly well crafted. While highlighting the artiface of popular music and undermining its conventions, The Indelicates challenge the audience to demand something better than the usual platitudes served up by the record industry to uncritical consumers. They are equally coruscating about the both ends of the transaction, and the complicity with which they indulge one another.

A wide variety of sacred cows are fair game in The Indelicates sights. Waiting For Pete Doherty to Die, with its gentle folk melody, decries the warped fan worship that demands its own generation's Kurt or Janis to fulfil their sad fantasies of doomed artist. For the record, THE INDELICATES DO NOT WANT PETER DOHERTY TO DIE. FACT. The British Left in Wartime is a driving critique of the glee and self satisfaction displayed by those long past caring, who are happy enough to be proven right as they gather round the telly to watch the latest shock and awe show. We Just Wanna B 16, a vitriolic clap along crowd favourite, tilts at the bands who delight in their sense of power over their young fans while offering them nothing meaningful.

Formed in mid 2005, The Indelicates are a five piece featuring Simon and Julia Indelicate on guitar and keyboards respectively with shared vocal duties, Kate Newberry on bass, Ed Van Beinum on guitar and Jack Stone on drums. The Indelicates have a clutch of great songs which are crying out for exposure to a wider audience. They have, thus far, gathered a loyal fan base across the country and abroad, with a vibrant internet following logging on to www.indelicates.com.

Their website is here with fabulous mp3s available online along with the lyrics. The band's forum can now be found here here.

Feel free to join and share in the love!
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